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"One Step Closer is an acoustic duo hailing from Los Angeles, California! Have you ever pictured what it would sound like if Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande collaborating on a mellifluous sweet acoustic melody together? That’s exactly what One Step Closer delivered with their latest hit “I Do”.

"I Do" is a perfect love bop delivered to us by a duo who displayed great musical chemistry within one another. I really love the falsetto notes in the song. I’ve always been a big fan of those with big ranges who can take a note from chest to head. To top it off, they both have individual voices that fuse so well together. The ending of “I do” was incredibly sensational. They went a slightly different approach with fabricated and more augmented finishing to a tune that was so delightful for the entire duration. You can tell One Step Closer spends meticulous effort and time into their craft. One Step Closer has the ability to precisely and effortlessly deliver a song which is absolutely incredible. We can't wait to see what's next from this powerhouse duo."

- Buzz Music Los Angeles

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Music For The Cause

National Charity Songwriting Competition 2019

Last year we had the honor of competing and winning this National Songwriting Contest and now it’s our turn to spread the word and encourage you all to apply! ..The founders of this organization are one of the most kindest, most genuine, and passionate people you will meet in this industry. We had no idea where this competition would take us if we hadn’t taken a leap of faith and applied. ..Rules are simple. All you have to do is record a video of you playing an original song and submit it online! And the best part is that the $25 submission fee is for a charitable cause that helps aid The Bleeding Disorder Community. ..If you or someone you know would benefit from this, make sure to tag them below and help spread the word !! Deadline is MAY 15th, 2019!! GOOD LUCK & KEEP WRITING 🎶✨

About us

One Step Closer is an acoustic pop duo from Los Angeles, CA. They are the collaboration between two great friends who share a common focus on the raw moments of performing and songwriting. Their intimate music and message soothes and speaks from the struggles and celebrations of their life experiences. Their EP  "Chasing Clouds" marked the start of their musical journey in 2017 and have been stepping on stages all over Southern California since. The goal of this dynamic duo is to not only connect and create music that resonates with the human spirit but to share their light and love with those who need it